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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Steps to Take After a Fire in Your Home

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician assessing fire damage It is always recommendable that you hire fire damage restoration experts to help you perform a comprehensive and complete damage assessment.

Although it is impossible to arrange for fire devastation in your home, it is recommendable to minimize the damages. Irrespective of the size, avoiding destruction requires you to act fast and prevent further damage due to smoke.

Finding out the scope of damage caused by the fire is usually the first step in fire damage restoration. It also involves securing an entire property before the renovation activities commence.

Are you looking for cost-friendly ways of renovating your building as a result of fire damage? If so, read through this article to help you avoid costly repair bills.

1. Damage Assessment

Generally, the step to take after a fire in your home is assessing the extent of fire damages, including smoke damages. Be sure to inspect the depth of the fire to your home walls, structure, furniture, and fixtures, indicating the damage due to heat.

It is always recommendable that you hire fire damage restoration experts to help you perform a comprehensive and complete damage assessment for your home.

Also, for insurance purposes, make sure that everything is documented and well recorded. Additionally, removing the undamaged furniture from the house will reduce smoke damages, and the sooner this is done, the better.

2. Professionals Only

Before you decide who to hire for your home renovation after fire damage, be sure to take your time and do thorough research. You might also check out your house insurance firm for recommendations.

However, be sure to research the company's history before hiring them. Also, it is essential to note that some companies might show up tricking you into signing them in for the renovation, be sure to ask them for a fire renovation license and work insurance.

3. Securing Your Home Foundation

The primary aim of any renovation work should be to help you avoid any damage from happening in the future. This involves plugging in any weakened structures, and any holes cause by the fire. In addition, your hired renovation experts will help you assess if your roof or floor requires replacement or if repairs are enough.

It is also essential to bear in mind that home renovation due to fire damage should also involve water damage renovation. Therefore, have the experts perform assessment tests intending to prevent your home from moisture or water damage.

Find the best fire restoration professionals who will help you prevent and repair risks of water damage after a fire. Working with you will ensure that your home is safe from vapor and moisture barriers.

4. Dusting and Removal

At times the soot and smoke damage might be a challenge to completely clean as some stains go beyond your home surface. However, sanding, deep scrub, and refurnishing will help you remove all the stains on your home surface.

In addition, fans and special heaters are usually used to dry out moisture contents before cleaning everything. This is a vital step as it helps avoid pockets of mold that can cause health effects.

The renovation process involves removing the smoke odors after the fire, including cleaning all your carpets and all fabrics within your house. However, this might lead to an added cost to your home renovation after the fire.

5. Repairing

Generally, fire usually creates blistering and bubbling of paints on your ceilings and walls. For this reason, fire damage renovators will help remove the stains and repaint your home, giving it a new look.

In addition, for your wood surfaces which are usually damaged by smoke, or soot, applying the sealant to trap or mask the odor might be an option for the unfinished wood. However, for the best outcome and complete restoration, finished wood is the recommended option.

Repairing your home wood surfaces helps you eliminate the trapped odor ensuring none of it stays behind. For best results, let professional cleaners help you through the process of restoring your wood surfaces damaged by fire or affected by smoke.

6. Renovation

Most people use fire tragedy as their starting point to performing the home renovation. However, the cleaning and repair process might take longer to complete. The renovation process after fire damage allows you a chance to get out of the traumatic fire damage experience.

If extensive fire damage restored your home to what originally is close to impossible, starting over might be your only option. Many fire damage services provide renovation services along with repairs as well as restoration.

With professional fire damage renovation contractors, you can be sure of the best renovation services. However, bear in mind that the renovation process might mean throwing away some home items or rebuilding some parts afresh.


Generally, fire damage renovation involves more than dusting and repairs. It might not be easy to make these decisions right away after the fire damage. For this reason, be sure to consult SERVPRO of University, SE Orlando. We offer all the necessary options and tools to give your home its original look and feel.

At SERVPRO of University, SE Orlando, we promise to take care of your entire renovation process beyond your expectations or what most people can't realize at a glance.

Additionally, we also offer you services to help you protect your house from moisture and water damage, along with cleaning your air conditioning, heating, and ventilation (HVAC) system. With our services, you can be sure that we will cover your entire home environment. We help you restore necessary home safety.

Be sure to contact or visit us today and learn why big businesses and homeowners trust us when faced with fire emergencies and other natural disasters.

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